How Everything Changed: A Different Story on Love

Every morning my heart grows two sizes bigger. But I used to be growing more cynical and fearful of the world. You know that feeling of excitement and blissful hope you get when you fall in love? I’ve found myself there again but I’m neither as young nor as single as I used to be. Somehow, I woke up one day and watched a documentary that inspired me to ask people a simple question. And that question has ultimately changed my life. I’m not exactly sure how I ended up here, so in love with the world, but I do know this: it’s so simple to love. It’s SO simple to love the world. But there’s a secret! Here’s the story of what happened after I started asking beautiful strangers a simple question that inspired them to stand tall, inspired me to love the world, and started to connect us all.

I had always worried a little that living in the first world isn’t entirely good for us. I always thought that being removed from ‘survival mode’ would negatively impact (or even alienate) our sense of being human. You see, humans have cellulite. Humans have scars. Humans have disease. Humans have fear. Humans have personal journeys. And humans have a natural instinct to survive! But as long as everyone is just trying to survive, humans don’t really have the time to notice what another human is doing. At some point in our evolution, we wanted time, freedom, and health. Now, fast-forward some hundreds of years from that point and you’ll see that we created a society that has it all within reach. Great?! Well, no! Just as an example, with time and health on our side, we formed an expectation of having ‘perfect health’. Now, if you bare a scar, cellulite, or any other part of your journey, everyone seems to have the time to judge it! I’ll never forget when my mom used to get criticized. She would always say “you’ve got too much time on your hands!” and she’d move on.

Progress is good – it’s necessary. But we need to pause and reflect on why we’re being cruel to one another. Are we truly despicable creatures who sit around and judge or have we just alienated ourselves from our natural human form in the name of progress? If you didn’t have anything more than some scraps to eat, you would try to gather as many people around you as possible – using love and connections – to help you get the next meal. So pause. Remember that we all came from nothing. We had each other so we became something. Turn to the humans beside you and around you and realize that deep down, we’re still fighting to progress even more.

one-thing-online-store-one-thing-messages-90-01So to help people pause, I ask them, “What is one thing you bring to this world?”. If you ask this of people, you’ll notice that they’ll need a second to respond. (We’re so alienated from our own value and purpose that we need to take that second and reflect.) But when they do answer, the moment can be life changing for everyone involved. They realize they must have at least one thing that can inspire the world. They become empowered that they can. They think about their message and let themselves hear it. This gives them faith in themselves. And finally, they share a message that pretty much always talks about what they strive to do for our world and others.

Seeing people want to inspire so much love in the world cannot go unnoticed. It’s exactly what we’re constantly looking for in others – our peers, mentors, politicians, artists, businesses, etc. I wake up every morning with messages of love and inspiration in my Instagram inbox. Each message tells me that everyone brings something to this world that is incredibly valuable to me. And because of this, I feel that people want the best for me and all of us. Encountering this every single morning has put a spring in my step. Someone once dubbed this a love revolution. I just think it’s great we’re going back to our roots.

Here are the messages that keep inspiring love. Imagine them in your inbox every morning. Imagine the responsibility you’d feel if people started telling you how they want to inspire the world. It’s incredible. And I’m grateful that One Thing can be the vehicle that spreads this love.

One Thing Messages 



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