The One Thing brand was inspired by the documentary film, Living On One Dollar.

There are places in our world where people live on one dollar a day. If you join these people in the pursuit for life and happiness, you'll see that the fundamental things we all care about are quite similar.

We are all driven to thrive because of a special 'one thing' that empowers us - like our children, our value system, or our ability to overcome. This makes us human! 

But when we’re not in survival mode, we tend to forget how connected we are through our human nature. And when we forget this, we can’t see that we all have value or that we’re each trying to bring something to the world. We only see superficial differences and opinions.

So One Thing is trying to change and bring people together with messages in lockets! Here's how!

One Thing believes that a connected, more accepting world starts by recognizing that we are all fundamentally similar. 

One Thing asks people all over the world: 

"What is one thing you bring to this world?"

We put their One Thing in our lockets and send them to you. And even if your connection with that person is only a simple nod of delight, we hope that you can see that others bring something to this world that is still very valuable to you.

Write your own empowering One Thing or gift One Thing you love about someone else inside our lockets to empower them. Whatever you choose, One Thing's mission is to EMPOWER + CONNECT you. 

One Thing Lockets have been used both as sentimental gifts with a thank you note inside (to teachers, bride's maids, colleagues, loved ones) and as mental health aids. Anyone can write their own empowering message inside that serves as a reminder of strength when going through a difficult time. In fact, Moms started doing this to help with their Postpartum Depression. As a result, we donate 10% of all sales to programs that help Mothers with Postpartum Depression and to other smaller isolated communities who need our love in Canada and the US. In Canada, we help the Pacific Postpartum Support Society (Burnaby).


Our materials are carefully sourced from USA, Austria, Portugal, Canada, Turkey, Czech Republic, Thailand, and Israel. We work hard to ensure each locket is  made from vegan, non-allergenic, quality materials while priced as low as possible to be accessible to all! We do not use semi-precious or precious stones so to be a little less harmful to the Earth and to avoid all conflict gems. Instead, we use Swarovski Crystals that are still made ethically in Austria.

We hire local Moms who are hesitant to go back to work and feel isolated. Our goal is to give them the confidence and courage they need to believe they are more than fit for the workplace. Our happy place is actually when our Moms find their wings and take off to school or bigger workplaces ;) As we grow, we hope to help a greater group of people who might find themselves feeling isolated, mentally or physically.

We give 10% of all sales to Programs that help Moms with Postpartum Depression. 







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