Each One Thing Locket jewelry is handmade with love & care. As our business is still small, we are quick to help with repairs and requests. Jewelry breaks sometimes and it can be very sad but we get excited when we can help you get your jewelry back! So no matter how tough you are with your pieces, don't feel shame in asking for a repair!

One Thing Lockets firmly supports the zero waste movement. We hope you send us all your One Thing Locket jewelry for repair instead of throwing it away. 


If a repair won't work for your piece, we will replace your piece, naturally. For this reason, we also offer lifetime warranty. In order to prevent more waste, we might ask you to send us any part of your jewelry that can be salvaged and up-cycled. We would pay for the postage if we ask for pieces back.

As a fun little aside, our lockets are actually vintage from Rhode Island, USA, made back in the 1950s. Because of their vintage nature, we have found out that the lockets are actually not made anymore because the family who made them retired a few years ago! We consider them to be precious little pieces of history and we always try very hard to salvage or repair the lockets.


Contact me personally and let me know what you need! I'll be in touch real soon!


One Thing Locket jewelry is made with raw & coated brass because we specifically search for non-allergenic metals and pieces. We've found that the best way to make sure our pieces are non-allergenic is to use raw metals so that they are not mixed with nickel or toxic cadmium. This means our raw, non-allergenic pieces can, however, tarnish because they are RAW and uncoated.

Fear not! Tarnish can be wiped away to reveal your shiny locket jewelry again! The good thing about tarnish is that it's only dirt. The metal underneath that dirtl has not actually changed colour. The little cleaning cloths we offer with all necklaces and sell for $3.50 with bracelets and earrings do the trick nicely! Use them to wipe away the tarnish in all your metals - including silver and gold pieces that are not from us! 

Keep your One Thing Lockets jewelry in a ziploc or its test tube packaging, free from open air and you won't even need to polish it often!

I personally wear my One Thing Lockets in water as well. I don't mind the tarnish because I know I can clean it off. Our cork and wood bead bracelets are the best to get wet.


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