Girls hugging and holding hands in unity while wearing One Thing locket bracelets.One Thing believes that the best fight against isolation starts by showing that every single person has something that is valuable to all of us. As a company, we actively choose NOT to profit off anyone's insecurity and, instead, we choose to BOOST self-worth. 

The community that One Thing creates is nothing without the amazing people who share their empowering messages of self-worth and inspire us to recognize the value in humanity. We want to give back so that, together, we can create a world where we each feel we're worth it and not afraid to realize our own potential. We believe this is the best fight against isolation.

Here is who we've given back to so far! Click the links to learn more.

Postpartum Depression
Living On OneLiving on One is the non-profit film studio whose film has inspired One Thing! They inspire action around pressing global issues. Their work is important to our understanding of the world and those who need us the most. (USA)
Ocean Conservancy - We're helping fulfill Zoey's dream to save the Oceans! Zoey is just 3 years old and a One Thing aficionado whose "one thing" is to save the oceans. We want to honor her. We donate 50% of profits from the Zoey's Dream Locket towards this cause. (USA)

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