Girls hugging and holding hands in unity while wearing One Thing locket bracelets.

Isolation affects everyone. Whether it's your own feelings of inadequacy or the fact that other people do not feel good enough to share their brilliance with the world, we all suffer. We all have the potential to come out and build the accepting, love-filled world we want to live in, as long as we see our own worth. Our dream is to shine a light on the value each person has so that they are never left isolated.

We believe our best fight against isolation will be to show that every single person offers something (or at least ONE THING) that is valuable to all of us. As a company, we actively choose NOT to profit off anyone's insecurity and, instead, we choose to BOOST self-worth. This is why you might not see us in fast-fashion or trendy marketing campaigns that incite feelings of not being enough. This is also why we're striving to offer the most accessible pricing - we want everyone to feel comfortable having a locket and empowering message that can carry them through a difficult time. And finally, this is why we strive to give back to the charities and communities that you've told us matter to you! 

Here is a list of charities we give back to right now, inspired by you!
(The list is always growing! We're open to suggestions >> Contact Us!)

Post Partum Depression:

In Vancouver, Canada, we partner with the Pacific Post Partum Support Society (PPPSS) and give 10% of our sales to help fund their organization. We also take part in bi-annual fundraising events where we donate 100% of profits to the society. PPPSS have been helping mothers both recognize, understand, and cope with Post Partum Depression, while breaking down the stigma for the rest of the city. They offer crisis lines for new mothers in need and counselling, free of charge. Our donations help fund their work.

Living On One (Save the Children, IRC, UNHCR):

Living On One’s documentary film, Living On One Dollar, gave birth to the idea behind One Thing Lockets. Now, we partner with the documentary film writers and give back to their non-profit organization to help fight isolation, world poverty, and the Syrian Refugee crisis. This partnership was a part of the original One Thing dream. Every Christmas, we run free locket campaigns where you can donate to one of  Living On One charities (Save the Children, IRC, UNHCR) in exchange for a free locket from us. The first year alone, we raised $2145 USD over a week. Look out for it and take part! 

Also, by shopping through this link, we donate 25% of the sales to Living On One charities that help with extreme global poverty and the Syrian Refugee Crisis.

Battered Women’s Support Services (BWSS):

In Vancouver, Canada, we sell our products through My Sister's Closet (Social Enterprise of Battered Women's Support Services) and donate back 40% of our proceeds to their organization. Battered Women’s Support Services has helped end violence against women. The organization has taken the hands of many women in Vancouver and guided them from homelessness and abuse to happy, successful, and strong futures before our eyes. We are very passionate about working with them. Our founder has worked with them for over 7 years.