"In January 2016, I watched a documentary that inspired  me to act:

Living On One Dollar is an eloquent portrayal of the struggles and triumphs of the Peña Blancan people as they strive to live under one dollar per day. While Chris, Zach, and the Living On One team raised awareness about extreme poverty and illness in Peña Blanca, I was moved by their connection to people who had been isolated for decades. On the extreme end, human disconnect can impoverish a region, but it can also shut people out of our own communities who's inclusion would actually benefit us. Take, for example, how Rosa's perseverance re-invigorated anyone fighting to achieve a difficult dream.

To fight isolation and encourage connection, I ask people one thing they bring to the world and put their answers inside One Thing lockets for you to see their value. After you receive their message, you can write your own empowering message or gift one thing you love about someone inside the locket. In addition to our other initiatives, a portion of these sales will help fund Living On One's non-profit initiatives to raise awareness and inspire action around pressing global issues."

- Setareh Bateni, Founder, One Thing