[To help #FightIsolation during the Covid 19 outbreak, we are making a push to include funny, sweet, inspirational stories from you and others in our social media feeds. Instead of just telling us your One Thing in the form below, feel free to tell us ANYTHING awesome that can lift others up and we will share it!]


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One Thing believes that a connected, more accepting world starts by recognizing that we are all fundamentally similar. 

So One Thing asks people all over the world: 

"What is one thing you bring to this world?"

We take their answers and put them in our lockets so other people can find and be inspired by them! Our hope is that people everywhere can slowly realize how every person holds value and is, in fact, valuable to others because of the things (the ONE THINGS) they believe in and want for the world.


Tell us ONE THING you bring to this world and we will share your message on our site, on Instagram & on Facebook AND we will put your message in our tiny lockets for someone else to find and be inspired by!

(Fill out the form below) 

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